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Mission: To foster participation in, knowledge of, and passion for the game of soccer

SVU Soccer:

Builds Communities, Develops Leaders, Inspires Dreams.



  • Mission: Our mission is to be the leading introductory soccer provider in the Shenandoah Valley, whose programs leave a lasting positive impact on the youth and communities we serve.

  • Method: We offer a high-energy soccer program with quality instruction wrapped in fun. Our creative curriculum emphasizes soccer skills as well as character development, which transcends the game itself.

  • Motivation: Our motivation is to impact children in both soccer education and character development with application to all areas of children's lives. We are motivated by a desire to see kids experience the game of soccer and to enjoy the rewards that participation in the game offers.

The SVU Soccer Recreation program provides the opportunity for boys and girls to develop basic soccer skills and teamwork in a stress-free and fun environment. It is divided into two subprograms: Recreational 1 (u9 and u10 - generally 3rd/4th Grade) and Recreation 2 (u9 thru u18 - generally 5th-12th grade). Teams are typically organized by age, gender and dual grade (u10 coed - 3rd/4th grade boys, U12 Girls - 5th/6th grade girls etc.) and by town (Harrisonburg City, Bridgewater, Broadway, Elkton, etc.).  SVU Soccer is dedicated to partnering with local government and communities to provide programs, facilities, resources and expertise to make soccer fun, safe and accessible to all players regardless of gender, social and economic background, or playing ability between the ages 3 to 18 years.

REC: U9-U10

Recreation 1: 3rd and 4th Grade
Playing Formats:
Match play 7v7
Roster Size Approx. 12
1 Practice/1 Game per week
$80 (uniform not included)

REC: U12-High School

Recreation 2: 5th grade through 12th grades
Playing Formats:
Match play 9v9
Roster Size Approx. 14
1 Practice/1 Game per week
$80 (uniform not included)

SVU Soccer is a long-time advocate of small-sided games, which promote player development in the younger age groups; these formats help pave for a smooth transition and a developmentally appropriate progression for skill development and tactical concepts.
Recently US Youth Soccer issued a new set of recommendations for small-sided games, and the SVU Soccer recreational program is currently compatible with most of these recommendations, as some modifications were identified and implemented that best suit the needs of SVU Soccer and its players.

Click HERE to figure out which age group your child should play by viewing the Age Group Chart.
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Program Timeline Details 2017-2018

Important dates
7/16/17Registration Opens
8/26/2017- 8/27/2017Appreciation day @ Dick's Sporting Goods11AM to 3PM on both days
9/1/2017Registration Closes
9/5/2017Teams announced
9/7/2017Coaches' Education Course@Smithland 6PM
9/12/2017Practices start *Subject to change
9/16/2017Games Start *Subject to change
1-Oct-2017around mid-oct. Coaches will need to determine if 6PM practies can continue or change to 5PM
11/5/2017Games End


Please Note: Dates are subject to change. We have scheduled 8 game days this Fall season, potential make up days could be extended to a Monday OR Friday, depending on the approval of Harrisonburg Parks and Rec. If game days are cancelled due to weather conditions or other circumstances, we can only guarantee 6 games per season.

Geographic Locations and Training Options Offered 2017-18

Updated 8/15

 Recreation Registration Options:

Age Division




Volunteers needed

U9-U11 GirlsSmithlandThursday5:00 PM1
U9-U11 GirlsSmithlandTuesday6:00 PM1
U9-U11 GirlsSmithlandWednesday6:00 PM2
U9/U10 CoedMontevideoTuesday5:00 PM1
U9/U10 CoedMontevideoTuesday6:00 PM0Thank you Coaches!
U9/U10 CoedOakdale Park Thursday6:00 PM1
U9/U10 CoedOakdale Park Tuesday6:00 PM2
U9/U10 CoedSmithlandThursday6:00 PM0Thank you Coaches!
U9/U10 CoedSmithlandTuesday5:00 PM0Thank you Coaches!
U9/U10 CoedSmithlandTuesday6:00 PM0
U9/U10 CoedSmithlandWednesday5:00 PM1
U9/U10 CoedSmithlandWednesday6:00 PM0Thank you Coaches!
U9/U10CoedSmithlandThursday5:00 PM1
U12 CoedOakdale Park Tuesday6:00 PM0Thank you Coaches!
U12 CoedOakdale Park Wednesday6:00 PM1
U12 CoedSmithlandThursday6:00 PM1
U12 CoedSmithlandTuesday6:00 PM1
U12 CoedSmithlandWednesday5:00 PM1
U12-U14 GirlsSmithlandTuesday6:00 PM2
U12-U14 GirlsSmithlandWednesday6:00 PM1Thank you Coaches!
U14 CoedOakdale Park Tuesday6:00 PM1
U14 CoedOakdale Park Wednesday6:00 PM1
U14 CoedSmithlandTuesday6:00 PM0Thank you Coaches!
U14 CoedSmithlandWednesday5:00 PM0Thank you Coaches!
U14 CoedSmithlandWednesday6:00 PM2
HS CoedSmithlandThursday5:00 PM3
HS CoedSmithlandThursday6:00 PM1
HS CoedOakdale Park Thursday5:00 PM1Possible Team, Registration available

We will be adding a second registration for "Possible Fall REC teams" (Example the High School Division at Oakdale Park).
SVU recommends to register for any possible teams you may be interested, as it will give Board and Staff an idea as to how many families will be interested in the location/day time. This registration will not mean you are reserving a spot in the Fall program, so we ask to still register for a division that you can still make it work. 

Once registration is done, and the possible teams registration #s are availble, we will contact families to let them know if the team will be possible. If so, we can make any necessary transfers, but we cannot guarantee that the teams will be fulfilled. 

Registration Now Open

2016-2020 UNIFORMS

Geographic Locations and Training Options Offered 2017-2018

Special Note: These locations arefor practice only; ALL GAMES PLAYED AT SMITHLAND SOCCER COMPLEX

Central Region (Smithland Soccer Complex/City Schools)
Serving youth soccer players and parents throughout the City of Harrisonburg. Please note: You do not have to 
live within the Harrisonburg City School limits to choose the Central Recreation Program.

North Region (John C Myers
Serving youth soccer players and parents throughout the North of Rockingham. Please note: You do not have to live within the Broadway School limits to choose the North Recreation Program. *Practice Only: All Games at Smithland Soccer Complex*

South Regions (Oakdale Park)
Please keep in mind that SVU has requested to use Mountain View Elementary as a back-up location in case of too many cancellations at Oakdale Park. 

Coaches will determine whether to cancel practice, move practice to back-up location OR, re-schedule practice to another day of the week.

Serving youth soccer players and parents throughout the South of Rockingham. Please note: You do not have to live within the Turner Ashby School limits to choose the South Recreation Program. 
*Practice Only: All Games at Smithland Soccer Complex*

East Region (Montevideo Middle School
Serving youth soccer players and parents throughout the East of Rockingham. Please note: You do not have to live within the Spotswood/East Rock School limits to choose the East Recreation Program. 
*Practice Only: All Games at Smithland Soccer Complex*

Team Personnel Listing

Register Now

No Programs Available

There are no programs available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

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