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Coaches Information

Updated: 09/08/2017


Thank you for volunteering to coach in the SVU Recreation program this season! The Recreation program relies on the help of great volunteers, and we couldn't do it without YOU!

The Recreation program provides the opportunity for boys and girls to develop basic soccer skills and teamwork in a stress-free and FUN environment. Remember to be active and engaged during practices and games, because the players will feed off your energy. Have fun and let's have a great season!

Team Rosters & Game Schedules

We are in the process of posting team rosters. You will receive an email from the system when you have been added to a team and the roster has been posted. Team rosters may be updated throughout the week, so continue to check your roster to see if players have been added/removed. It is a good idea to bring your roster with you to the first few weeks of practice, as some players will arrive to the field and not know which team they are on.

Game schedules will be posted through the team pages. You will receive an email when the schedule has been posted. You can view the block game schedule in the Coaches Information Links above.

Team Name

Please make sure you know your team name and that the players/parents know it as well. In the past, some players and/or parents have been unaware of the name of their team.

Understanding your team name:

Ex: DC United Green (Swood)

DC United - Name of team
Green - Age Group color
(Swood) - Practice location—"Spotswood"

Colors of Age Groups:
U5 Coed - BlueU9/U10 Girls- Yellow
U6 Coed - WhiteU11/U12 Coed - Navy
U7 Coed - RedU11-U13 Girls - Purple
U8 Coed - GreenU14 Coed - Silver
U7/U8 Girls - PinkHS Coed - Gold
U9/U10 Coed - Orange 


Equipment/Uniform Pickup


Smithland Teams:

SVU Staff will be at the snack shack to give out coach’s bags. Please arrive early enough to pick up the equipment. If you have two coaches/or have an assistant, please one coordinate who can pick up equipment, and another can be at the fields to meet the families.

County Teams (Oakdale Park, John C Myers, Montevideo):

You can pick up your coaching equipment bag (balls, pinnies, etc.) from the SVU office. The office is located in downtown Harrisonburg at 54 East Market Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

Office Hours:
Tuesday-Thursday: 9AM-3PM
Friday: 9AM-1PM


If parents ask about uniforms, please let them know how to get them:

County Teams: (Oakdale Park, John C Myers, Montevideo) 
We will have the uniforms at the office, From Wednesday (possibly Tuesday) until Friday night.

Smithland Teams:
Staff will be out at the snack shack during the first week of practice to give coach’s bags and uniforms. Please ask families to come during the practice, instead of at the start/end of practice.Anyone who has not picked up their kit prior to Saturday’s game, will need to come a few minutes early. SVU Staff will be at the tent in front of the snack shack/bathrooms.


Contacting Your Team

Once you have been added to your team roster, one coach from each team should create a Discussion through the Team Page to introduce yourselves and provide information for the first practice.

To access the Team Page, login to your account and either (1) click on "Visit Team Page" under the participants or (2) if you do not see "Visit Team Page" click on VOLUNTEER on the left and then you can see "Visit Team Page".

Helpful links for the Team Page:

Some things to include in a Discussion for Week 1:

We also strongly recommend sending weekly reminders about practice/game schedules.

  • Introduction of the coaches
  • Practice location, day, and time*
  • What to bring to practice
    • Comfortable soccer attire (uniform is for games only)
    • Shin guards (required for all age groups)
    • Soccer cleats (required for U7 and above)
    • Soccer ball
      • U5-U8 - Size 3
      • U9-U12 - Size 4
      • U14-HS - Size 5
  • Game information (can be found in Team Calendar)
    • Game time
    • Field number
    • Jersey color (the team listed first on the schedule is "home" and will wear the white jersey; the second team is "away" and will wear blue--it is always a good idea to bring both jerseys just in case)

*Please view the documents above to identify which field your team will be practicing on (e.g., Smithland Field 3A) and the layout of the complex. Many teams will be sharing a field, so don't be surprised if there is another team on your field. Please pick one half of the field until you know if there is another team on your field.

DICK’S TSHQ Mobile App

Brought to you by DICK’S Sporting Goods, the DICK’S Team Sports HQ app allows coaches and parents to stay connected during the season. Team rosters, schedules, and field information are updated automatically from the SVU website. We highly recommend downloading the app to have all the information about your team right on your mobile device. We also recommend sharing the information about the app with your families so that they can download it as well, so that they are notified of any Discussions through the app on their phone.

Here are some things you can do with the DICK’S Team Sports HQ app:

  • Receive instant alerts and notifications directly to your phone
  • View game schedules
  • Participate in team discussions
  • Sign up for team tasks (snacks, refreshments, etc.)
  • View team rosters and player profiles
  • Group text or email parents, volunteers, and players

The app is available for iPhone and Android. Click here for more info.

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