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We are thankful for all our wonderful volunteer coaches for their work this season! Want to thank your coach for a great job this season? This is your chance! Nominate your coach to be the Fall 2017 Recreation Coach of the season.

Click the link below to nominate your coach. The Coach of the Season will receive an SVU prize pack.

FALL 2017: Team Information

Division- TeamsLocationPractice DayJMU CoachCoachAssistant Coach
Teams for U5 Coed
Colorado Rapids Blue (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysKenneth Wettig
Houston Dynamo Blue (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysMonica Disch Molly Bootman
Portland Timbers Blue (Swood)Montevideo ThursdaysLeah Williams Megan HunterBenjamin McCrady
DC United Blue (TA)Oakdale ParkThursdaysAngel VaughnRob Morgan
Montreal Impact Blue (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysDavid TrouilleSarah Mitch
Chicago Fire Blue (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysMadison Burridge Joe-Ann Touma
Teams for U6 Coed
Chicago Fire White (Bway)John C MyersTuesdaysTara Bell
Portland Timbers White (Swood)Montevideo TuesdaysJenna McMahon Rachel Shiels
Seattle Sounders White (TA)Oakdale ParkTuesdaysKelly McLaren Greg Shero
San Jose Earthquakes White (TA)Oakdale ParkTuesdaysSophie Durand Rachel Wong
Colorado Rapids White (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysDavid Kullander Samantha Kullander
Chivas USA White (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysBrian Nussbaum Kristin Gibson
NE Revolution White (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysJessica BrowneHolmes Browne
FC Dallas White (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysAlexa Orndahl
Vancouver Whitecaps White (Swood)Montevideo ThursdaysShannon Raff Jackie Shannon
Houston Dynamo White (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysJessica Thoppill Devan Davis Haley Jacobs
LA Galaxy White (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysSkyler Campbell Hayley Embrey
Montreal Impact White (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysNick Snow  Sienna Bargiel
Teams for U7 Coed
Montreal Impact Red (Bway)John C MyersTuesdaysKaryn Comfort Holton Roisch
Seattle Sounders Red (Swood)Montevideo Wednesdays Peter OttTomasz Kosalka
Chivas USA Red (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysNathaniel Reed
NE Revolution Red (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysBryce Butler
San Jose Earthquakes Red (TA)Oakdale ParkWednesdaysBrandon Sheets Davia Strider
FC Dallas Red (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysTim LaPira    Timothy Howley
Philadelphia Union Red (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysDavid Trouille
DC United Red (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysPeter Eberly
Portland Timbers Red (Swood)Montevideo ThursdaysBethany Hagenbuch
Toronto FC Red (TA)Oakdale ParkThursdaysBen Gilliam
Teams for U8 Coed
FC Dallas Green (Bway)John C MyersTuesdaysKristen MarcotteJonathan Miller
Chivas USA Green (TA)Oakdale ParkTuesdaysBrandon Self
DC United Green (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysKendra Graham Parker Moore
Richmond Kickers Green (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysRabia Lieber
Seattle Sounders Green (Swood)Montevideo WednesdaysKatlyn Palka Olivia Johnson
LA Galaxy Green (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysStacie MayfieldBrian Turner
NE Revolution Green (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysKethan Rao
Vancouver Whitecaps Green (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdays
Teams for U7/U8 Girls
Sky Blue FC Pink (TA)Oakdale ParkTuesdaysHaley Prillaman Rachel RosenbergMichael Somerville
Houston Dash Pink (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysLisa Colelli    Jackie DewsEric Millard
Chicago Red Stars Pink (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdays
Janelle Myers-Benner
FC Kansas Pink (Bway)John C MyersThursdaysRachael Light Tori Hagy
Teams for U9/U10 Coed
Montreal Impact Orange (Swood) Montevideo TuesdaysMichael Kohl
NY Red Bulls Orange (Swood)Montevideo TuesdaysGeoffrey Younger
DC United Orange (TA)Oakdale ParkTuesdaysJames Higgs
Portland Timbers Orange (TA)Oakdale ParkTuesdaysJonathan Lantz-Trissel
Colorado Rapids Orange (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysMartin Heaney-Newland Brandon PerryBrian Nussbaum David Shenk
LA Galaxy Orange (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysDan Beshoar
Columbus Crew Orange (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdays Paul DeebleJennifer Visger
Philadelphia Union Orange (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysAngela Petretta Jackie Ker
Real Salt Lake Orange (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysMichael Tran Raleigh Hucek
Toronto FC Orange (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysMatthew KirklandPhil Landes
Teams for U9-U11 Girls
Seattle Reign Yellow (TA)Oakdale ParkTuesdaysOlivia ElliottMichael Somerville Stacy Suter
FC Kansas City Yellow (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysMarshall Orenic Jonathan Kratz
Houston Dash Yellow (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysJeremy KratzBrian Turner
New York Flash Yellow (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysTimothy Gredler
Teams for U12 Coed
Toronto FC Navy (TA)Oakdale ParkTuesdaysGuy DeBrun Nick Morgan
Colorado Rapids Navy (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysKen Lieber
San Jose Earthquakes Navy (TA)Oakdale ParkWednesdaysPaxton DanielsCarlos AvalosHallie Avalos
Vancouver Whitecaps Navy (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysTroy Gerber David Evans
Chivas USA Navy (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysBob CorsoTrey Loker
Montreal Impact Navy (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysKirk Adams
Teams for U12-14 Girls
Chicago Red Stars Purple (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysMichaela Koep Caitlin Haggerty
FC Kansas Purple (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysKarina VencesMyron Stum
Teams for U14 Coed
Chicago Fire Silver (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysDan BeshoarNiklaus Stephan
New York Red Bulls Silver (Hburg)SmithlandTuesdaysDavid Norman
DC United Silver (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysEmeka Enaza
Toronto FC Silver (Hburg)SmithlandWednesdaysTyler Groves
Eric Rondeau
Teams for Highschool
Chicago Fire Gold (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysRandall Nutter
DC United Gold (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysJoe Farran Garrett LazorchakBernard Hamann
NE Revolution Gold (Hburg)SmithlandThursdaysThomas Erlendson    Adam Gearhart
LA Galaxy Gold (TA)Oakdale ParkThursdaysMelissa Shumaker Robby BolyardRoger Falwell

Have any pictures you would like to share? Send them our way!

U6 Whitecaps 
(Photos Submitted by: Lori Long)   


U7 NE Revolution
(Photos Submitted by: Bryce Butler-Coach) 

U7 San Jose Earthquakes
(Photos Submitted by Debbie Byerly)

U7/U8 All-Girls: Chicago Red Stars
(Photos submitted by Janelle Myers-Benner)


U7/U8 All-Girls Kansas City Pink
(Photo Submitted by: Olivia Haimani)


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