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SVU Rec Families,

Thank you for registering for the Spring 2021 season! We are excited to get this season started, and we wanted to give you some information before the season begins.

Please read carefully, as there is important information included:

TA & Spotswood Team Reminders

Reminders for TA District teams:

**Teams who practice at Oakdale Park, may choose to either start practice a week later or move their practice to Horizons Edge for the first week. Oakdale Park will open for SVU use the week of April 5th, so we will not have access to it for the first practice. This was a Town of Bridgewater decision, and we must abide so we can continue to have access to the park. Please discuss with your teams and let us know if the practice will be moved to Horizons Edge to ensure we assign a field space for your team.

 Reminders for Spotswood District Teams:

** Teams who practice on Thursdays, at Rockingham Park, the first week of practice will be at Montevideo Middle school. This is due to Rockingham park not being available for us to use until April 8th.

All teams practicing on Mondays, in this district: All practices will be at Montevideo.

Team practice information

To view the day/time of your team practice, please make sure to log into your account on our website to know the name of your team. Please make sure to look at the correct age group you registered for, to ensure you are looking at the correct team's information. 

If you do not see a coach allocated for your child’s team, please consider volunteering. We will provide all rec coaches with coach’s education, age-appropriate curriculum/practice plans, and equipment.

Spring Rec Season 2021

Age Group

Team Name
Practice Coaches Info
Location Days Field Time Head Coach Name Assistant Coach Name
U5/U6 Coed Union Broadway Tuesdays Field 1 5PM Jonathan Wilkins
U5/U6 Coed Impact HE Wednesdays Pad 1 5PM Gonzalo Laguarda
U5/U6 Coed Red Bulls HE Wednesdays Pad 2 5PM Amy Walters
U5/U6 Coed Sounders HE Tuesdays Pad 1 6PM Sofiya Skachko
U5/U6 Coed Revolution HE Thursdays Pad 1 5PM Marshall Orenic
U5/U6 Coed Rapids HE Tuesdays Pad 2 5PM Humberto Lopez Kendra Straughn
U5/U6 Coed Galaxy HE Thursday  Pad 4 5PM Stacie Mayfield
U5/U6 Coed Fire HE Thursdays Pad 2 5PM Christina Henriksen
U5/U6 Coed Whitecaps Rockingham Thursdays Pad 1 5PM Adam Haas
U5/U6 Coed Dynamo Montevideo Mondays Pad 3 6PM Yvett Meaney
U5/U6 Coed Earthquakes Rockingham Thursdays Pad 2 5PM Josh Dameron
U5/U6 Coed Timbers Rockingham Thursdays Pad 3 5PM Richard Talbot
U5/U6 Coed United Oakdale Thursdays Pad 4 6PM Ashlie Hoefler
U5/U6 Coed Crew Oakdale Tuesdays Pad 4 5PM Hilary Moore Ian Leontie
U7/U8 Coed Fire Broadway Tuesdays Field 1 6PM Jonathan Wilkins
U7/U8 Coed Dynamo Spotswood ES Tuesdays 6PM Steven Tennyson David Trouille
U7/U8 Coed Earthquakes HE Tuesdays Pad 4 5PM  Gerardo Pandolfi
U7/U8 Coed Union HE Wednesdays Pad 3 5PM Julia Holder
U7/U8 Coed Crew HE Thursdays Pad 3 5PM Benjamin Carpenter
U7/U8 Coed Impact HE Wednesdays Pad 4 5PM Daniel Chavez
U7/U8 Coed Whitecaps HE Tuesdays Pad 5 5PM Nikki Minnis Alex Herrera
U7/U8 Coed United Rockingham Thursdays Pad 4 5PM Kelsey Manor
U7/U8 Coed Toronto Rockingham Thursdays Pad 2 6PM Josh Dameron
U7/U8 Coed Red Bulls Rockingham Thursdays Pad 1 6PM Joshua Kraybill
U7/U8 Coed Rapids Montevideo Mondays Pad 2 6PM Gregory Woodson
U7/U8 Coed Sounders Rockingham Thursdays Pad 3 6PM Laura Ogden
U7/U8 Coed FC Dallas Oakdale Thursdays Pad 4 5PM Ashlie Hoefler
U7/U8 Coed Galaxy Oakdale Thursdays Pad 2 5PM Stepahine Higgs Karen Herrell
U7/U8 Coed Revolution Oakdale Thursdays Pad 4 6PM Ian Leontie
U7/U8 Coed Timbers Oakdale Tuesdays Pad 4 6PM Sheldon Rice
U9/U10 Coed Union HE Thursdays Pad 1 6PM Jeremy Kratz Shannon Porter
U9/U10 Coed Impact HE Wednesdays Pad 1 6PM David Trouille
U9/U10 Coed Red Bulls HE Tuesdays Pad 1 6PM James Johnson
U9/U10 Coed Galaxy HE Tuesdays Pad 2 6PM Marlin Carr
U9/U10 Coed Fire Montevideo Mondays Pad 1 6PM Elizabeth Thompson  
U9/U10 Coed Earthquakes Rockingham Thursdays Pad 4 6PM Brooke McGloon
U9/U10 Coed United Oakdale Tuesdays Pad 3 6PM Hilary Moore
U9/U10 Coed Revolution Oakdale Thursdays Pad 1 5PM Alison Snook
U11/U12 Coed Fire HE Tuesdays Pad 3 6PM Camryn Dermott         Chloe Mills Ezequiel Rosas
U11/U12 Coed Red Bulls HE Thursdays Pad 2 6PM Timothy Gredler
U11/U12 Coed Rapids HE Wednesdays Pad 2 6PM Josue Pereira Logan Duffy
U11/U12 Coed Dynamo HE Tuesdays Pad 4 6PM Brice Hostletler
U11/U12 Coed Crew Rockingham Thursdays Pad 1 7PM Daniel Palmer
U11/U12 Coed Timbers Rockingham Thursdays Pad 2 7PM Rogelio Ramirez
U11/U12 Coed United Rockingham Thursdays Pad 3 7PM Edward Lawrance Jared Troutman
U11/U12 Coed Sounders Oakdale Wednesdays Pad 1 6PM Dustin Hibbard
U11/U12 Coed Impact Oakdale Tuesdays Pad 1 6PM David Hughes
U11/U12 Coed Union Oakdale Wed/Thurs Pad 2 6PM James Higgs Brandon Cariofe
U13/U14 Coed Galaxy HE Thursdays Pad 3 6PM Ellen Clay
U13/U14 Coed Fire Montevideo Mondays Pad 1 6PM  Chris Washington
U13/U14 Coed United Rockingham Thursdays Pad 4 7PM Tom McGloon
U13/U14 Coed Revolution Oakdale Tuesdays Pad 1 5PM David Hughes Reini Schidmt

Games & Uniforms

- The game day format/schedule will be posted this week. The format will be similar to the fall, with the youngest age groups playing early in the day and the oldest age groups playing later in the day.

-  We will be switching back to the navy and white uniforms this spring. The kit will only include the jerseys, not shorts and socks. If you received a color uniform in the fall, we will be replacing that one free of charge and will be using the size you had selected in the Fall.

- Uniform handouts will occur during the first week of practice or before your first game if you miss practice. You may also pick up your uniform at Horizons Edge beginning next week.

- We will also have a small inventory of shorts and socks that may be available for sale this season, more information will be posted this upcoming week about the sizes we have in inventory and prices. 


Listed below is a checklist of items needed for a successful season:

SVU U5/U6- U7/U8

Soccer Ball: Size 3
Shin Guards
Cleats or Tennis Shoes
Soccer Socks
(black or navy preferred)
Soccer Shorts
(black or navy preferred)
(Must be worn on the sidelines)

SVU U9/U10-U11/U12

Soccer Ball: Size 4
Shin Guards
Soccer Cleats
Soccer Socks
(black or navy preferred)
Soccer Shorts
(black or navy preferred)
(Must be worn on the sidelines)

 SVU U13/U14 –

High School Age groups

Soccer Ball: Size 5
Shin Guards
Soccer Cleats
Soccer Socks
(black or navy preferred)
Soccer Shorts
(black or navy preferred)
(Must be worn on the sidelines)

If you are in need of any of these items, we would like to remind you of the Shopping event we have going on at Dick’s Sporting Goods store this weekend. Make sure to take advantage of the 20% off your purchase. Below are the details:

Shenandoah Valley United Shopping Event
20% OFF Throughout the Store!

Friday, March 26th - Monday, March 29th 

Harrisonburg, Valley Mall
Dick’s Sporting Goods Location

Our partner DICK’S Sporting Goods is offering all our members an exclusive discount of 20% off throughout the store!  Be sure to grab all the things you will need for the season as well as all the other items that you have had your eyes on! To access exclusive savings, click the coupon linked below. The coupon is valid in-store on the dates above and must be shown at the register during checkout. Please consider taking advantage of the additional shopping days that were added to provide more flexibility.


To shop online instead of in-store, use code: TMSPORTSMAR2629SCCR.  Please note that unlike the in-store offer this discount is limited to select team sports equipment items and cleats only.  Online offers are also subject to vendor mandated restrictions.


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