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SVU COE/Comp Teams Move to CCL Championship

CCL Update: Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited for the future of SVU and are also aware that with new partnerships and developments will come challenges. SVU has made decisions to partner with Horizons Edge and CCL to further the growth, development, and opportunities for our players.  We do our best to provide players a competitive soccer experience while maintaining a reasonable financial cost to parents.  Even with a per season tournament cost built into club fees, SVU player fees remain the lowest in the CCL.   We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through this period.

We recognize that in the transition to the CCL and in our partnership with Horizons Edge, many questions have been raised regarding these transitions that we are still working to clearly communicate.  The purpose of the following information is to try to provide a clearer understanding of the benefits and changes in our involvement with these organizations.

What are the benefits of the CCL?

Strength and variety of competition, growth of the league, and access to Scrimmagefests and College Events are some of major benefits to joining the CCL.  The opportunity to play new, more reputable clubs will help to improve quality of play at SVU.  SVU has joined the CCL Championship West as one of the founding members along with NRU, CVU, and VBR Star.  If the Championship West division follows the same path as the rest of the CCL, it won’t be long before the Championship West expands to include new members who are also striving to grow in their commitment to player and club development. The CCL is recognized for being the “Best Regional League in the United States” and “The Destination for the College Bound Player.” Annually, the CCL sees over 300 student-athletes continue their education and playing careers at the NCAA Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 levels. Having access to the Premiership showcase in December, Championship Showcase in February, and the opportunity to attend the college combine will give SVU players more exposure to college coaches than we have ever had.  We also have the opportunity for our top older players to tryout for CCL United teams for travel to the prolific Gothia Cup in Sweden each July. For more information about the Club Champions League (CCL), we would invite you to take a further look into the league:

What is the purpose of the Fall Festival?

The purpose of the Fall Festival is to play league matches and friendlies in a central location to minimize distance traveled for families for the farther-reaching clubs. Matches between teams from the West (as far south as Roanoke, VA) and teams from the North and southeast (Ellicott City, Md and Beach FC, Virginia Rush and Legacy) This is done to try and get matches in on one weekend rather than a home/away series or two weekends traveling for one side or the other.  Among the goals for the festival is to create an enjoyable, festival-friendly environment conducive for player development and enjoyment while playing a variety of new teams. It should make for a fun weekend.

Can our team win a trophy at the Fall Festival?

No, there will be 2 league matches played at the fall festival and 1 or 2 friendlies (team dependent) played this weekend. 

Did SVU have an option to play in the Fall Festival?

Adidas Festivals are required events for Championship teams. 

Why did the Fall Festival replace the end of the season tournament? One tournament has always been included in our registration fee.

The Fall Festival costs money for each team to attend.  The Fall Festival requires fees for things such as field rentals, administration work, and referee costs.  Because every Championship team is required to attend the Fall Festival, SVU made the decision to replace the tournament that used to be included in the registration fee with the Fall Festival.  The Fall Festival is rolled into the league fees that SVU pays to the CCL.  However, this league fee is higher than a standard league fee because of the Fall Festival.

What is SVU staff doing to provide extra match opportunities for SVU teams?

SVU has and continues to work on scheduling friendly matches to help fill open weekends. We have reached out to the CCL and we will continue to work on contacting clubs to set up friendly matches. 

Will there be a Fall Festival (Spring Festival) in the Spring season?

No, there will only be a Fall Festival in the Fall season.  For U11-U14 teams there will be one Spring tournament included in the registration fee.

Can our team still go to tournament(s)?

Yes, each team can go to additional tournaments.  There are tournament fees associated with each additional tournament your team may choose, so each family needs to be aware an additional fee will be required and families are free to opt out of these events.  Additional tournament fees in past years have typically run about $75 per player, however we continue to look for ways to reduce the costs for families.

What happens when another club does not have our age group to form a match on a club-to-club match date?

If your team does not have an opponent to play on a match date, SVU is working with each club to fill these holes and build in friendly matches for those days.

Can our team set up a friendly with another club?

Yes, individual coaches of teams can set up friendlies / scrimmages with other clubs to also provide additional match opportunities in conjunction with SVU Staff.  If teams need a field for a friendly, coaches/ managers can contact Trevor to find out about field availability and referees. 

Why does our team not know match times for some upcoming match dates?

In order to agree upon match times, SVU needs to be in contact with other clubs.  Other clubs have issues as well, such as staff turnover within their club or health concerns for the person responsible for scheduling.  As soon as SVU can be in contact with other clubs, schedules will be posted to the CCL website.  The CCL website will not reflect the match times for the Fall Festival.

In conclusion, SVU made the decision to join the CCL after an exhaustive evaluation of pros and cons. We firmly believe that the pros outweigh the cons but a thorough evaluation will take place after this year so that we can serve our families and player development in the best possible way.

posted: September 20, 2019

CCL Championship West Division to Launch Fall 2019

Charlottesville, VA (April 16, 2019)– The CCL is excited to launch the Championship West Division beginning Fall 2019.  Clubs participating in the new division will include:  Central Virginia United (CVU; Lynchburg, VA), New River United (NRU; Blacksburg, VA), Shenandoah Valley United (SVU; Harrisonburg, VA), and VBR Star (VBR; Roanoke, VA). Additional clubs may be added soon.

CCL’s Championship division is a competitive platform offering both individuals and clubs the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential under the same high standards as the Premiership.

CCL’s Championship division is a competitive platform offering both individuals and clubs the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential under the same high standards as the Premiership.

                                                                        “We want to grow the club, our brand, and have the opportunity for more varied competition.  For us, the professionalism, structure, and league standards that CCL provides is an exciting new step in that direction,” said Raymond Ford, CVU Player & Coach Executive Director.

Championship Divisions are for CCL member clubs second teams that participate in the Premiership (CCL’s first division), as well as for clubs that may not be ready to apply for, or do not seek entry into, the Premiership but are seeking to grow and flourish under CCL’s club-to-club model, ability to work with like-minded clubs, and the synergy to work with a league that is dedicated to helping clubs succeed on-and-off-the-field.
“New River United is excited to join the new CCL West Championship division.  The Club Champions League’s commitment to both player and club development was a major driving factor in our decision to undertake this new venture.  We are excited to grow not only New River United, but also soccer in general in this region of Virginia under the exceptional CCL banner,” commented Matt Gwilliam, New River United interim Executive Director and Director of Coaching.

Championship West Division clubs will play divisional league play combined with divisional crossover play with the Championship North Division.  All Championship clubs also receive an adidas Fall Festival (September) and high school age groups receive a Championship Invitational (February) that is interwoven with the CCL College Combine.

“SVU is all about player development and promoting a sound tactical approach to the game.  This happens only via quality training anda match environment in which like-minded clubs together foster both player development and a tactical team concept.  We are excited to be joining the CCL Championship West Division.  This is a unique opportunity for SVU to continue match play with long-time partner clubs, while adding a variety of additional match opportunities with other CCL clubs who share the same developmental objectives,” said Tom Mitch, SVU Technical Director.

Unique to the CCL, all member clubs receive access to ground-breaking partnerships never seen in the youth soccer landscape.  Through the Power of Leaguephilosophy, where member clubs unite for the common good, the CCL has executed the very best partnerships and sponsorships with the likes of adidas North America,, Kwik Goal, United Soccer Coaches, and more.  Each has a direct benefit and discount for the player/family, coach, team, club and league.

VBR Star Director of Coaching and Player Development, Chris McClellan is excited to offer his club a Championship Division opportunity.  “We are all about the CCL.  We have been watching the success of the Championship North Division and how it has helped the competitive caldron within those clubs.  They offer a similar environment for their second teams which helps the transition of players to and from first or second teams.  We are equally excited to see the future growth of CVU, NRU, and SVU through the development of the Championship West Division.”

“The youth soccer landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years and it will continue to change. The CCL has become ‘The Best Regional League in the United States’ because of its ability to provide a cutting-edge pathway for top clubs that includes PRO23, Premiership, Championship, NextGen, College Showcases, College Combine, ScrimmageFests, Festivals, and one-of-a-kind partnerships.  We are seeing continued growth in all of our programs and are excited to launch the Championship West Division,” stated Brian Kuk, CCL Executive Director.

About Club Champions League, Inc.

Founded in 1997 as the Virginia Club Champions League (VCCL) and rebranded in 2013 as the Club Champions League (CCL), the CCL strives to activate and accelerate youth soccer development through its club-centric, technical director-driven model.  The CCL provides superior competition, offers a player development pathway and club model for ages eight to over-twenty-three, and consists of the top youth soccer clubs in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

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